I hope you pay attention in 2019 regarding quarterback value.

My only solid pick for 2018 was Andrew Luck, who offered a nice reprieve as the fifth-rated fantasy scorer. And I grabbed him much later than many of the other highly ranked quarterbacks.

So who will be the top-tier quarterbacks to eye in the 2019 fantasy football draft? Here’s three quarterbacks who could come close to paying dividends like Luck and Patrick Mahomes did in 2018.

Jared Goff has an opportunity to be in the NFL MVP race. Flickr

Jared Goff, QB, Los Angeles Rams

Toward the end of the season, Goff’s earlier season accolades fell through the roof.

He was exposed as a quarterback who can’t win cold-weather games and may be turnover-prone at times. And while that may be true in some instances, I still like the full body of work provided by Goff.

He had six games with three or more touchdown passes. He also threw for more than 300 yards passing on eight different occasions. He tallied the fourth-most passing yards in the NFL this year and that offense isn’t taking any steps back. It will still be prolific next season, so even though Goff showed some weaknesses at times, the Rams will have a full compliment of receivers in 2019 for Goff.

Currently, the rankings are placing Goff as the 10th-best quarterback in fantasy football. That’s a mistake. Forget about the weaknesses and focus on the positives by Goff. He offers so many opportunities at scoring fantasy points that you shouldn’t dwell on the issues.

Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

When he’s healthy, Wentz showed how good hew was 2017.

He battled injuries throughout 2018, so it’s not a shock that he wasn’t productive in fantasy football. However, the way-too-early rankings prove to be true, Wentz should be the top quarterback value in 2019 in fantasy football.

He’s being ranked as the 16th-best quarterback by FantasyPros. That number is overlooking Wentz’s ability. Wentz was still productive for the most part in 2018, other than some turnover issues that surfaced by fumbling the ball.

The Eagles will still have weapons and Wentz will finally be fully healthy in 2019. He’s shown top-three ability before, so it makes sense to give him an opportunity if this value is this low.

Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, San Francisco 49ers

Garoppolo’s value has dropped so much, I’d be shocked if this number will stay this low.

According to FantasyPros, his ranking is the 20th-best quarterback in fantasy football. I know he’s injury-prone, but that’s just ridiculous.

After a three-interception performance in week 1 against Minnesota on the road, he didn’t turn the ball over in the next two starts. He totaled four touchdowns in weeks 2 and 3, before ending his season with an ACL injury.

There are some question marks with Garoppolo, but when he plays, he’s among the top-12 quarterbacks in the NFL. There are some weapon problems and injury issues, but Garoppolo would be a steal at this position.

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