Finding good relief pitchers can make your fantasy life a little easier.

If you’re in a points system, they’re not as valuable. However, if you are in a league that is based on categories, i.e. strikeouts, wins, ERA and saves, then closers have tremendous value.

So, you don’t want to screw up that position when drafting your relief pitchers.

Here’s the best and most overrated closers heading into the 2017 fantasy baseball season.

Aroldis Chapman should be the best fantasy baseball closer this season. Flickr/Keith Allison

Can’t Miss

Aroldis Chapman, New York Yankees

I’m going away a bit from others on my No. 1, and dismissing last year’s No. 1 closer Kenley Jansen, for Chapman, who is back in pinstripes.

The Yankees will win a lot of games, so that’s a huge plus for a closer. But I also like Chapman’s position better based on the bullpen for the Yankees. New York is set up to have a dominating bullpen, giving way to a trio — Tyler Clippard, Dellin Betances and Chapman — that should dominate the end of games.

If New York can make it to the seventh inning with a lead, then it’s lights out for the competition. The Dodgers aren’t even close to that dominance out of their pen, meaning some games could get blown before Jansen has an opportunity for a save.

The Yankees have developed a bullpen that will shorten games. That should give Chapman the upper hand in being the best reliever in fantasy baseball.

Potential Bust

Craig Kimbrel, Boston Red Sox

Boston also is going to win a lot of games. And at one point, Kimbrel was the only closer worth a top-tier pick in fantasy baseball.

But that’s not the same Kimbrel as today.

His ERA isn’t even close to when he was dominating and he hasn’t broken the 40-save barrier for two straight years. He’s had some control problems again this spring, which has been his issues for the last two years.

He allowed 5.1 walks per nine innings last year, the most of his career as a closer. I don’t see that improving, meaning he’s ranked too high at No. 8 among relievers, according to FantasyPros.


Jeurys Familia, New York Mets

He’s going to be suspended, but it’s sounding like it might be around a month. That’s worth the wait for a player who finished first in saves a year ago.

He’s currently ranked No 14 among relievers, with much of that ranking based on the suspension. There’s still some questions about how long he will have to serve, but for even a two-month wait, he’s worth it.

His steady improvement over the last two years — 43 and 51 saves in the last two years — shows that he can be depended on for this year.

The Mets need him to be dominating to make a playoff run. That should give him plenty of opportunities for saves.

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