Much like everyone imagined, Ryan Fitzpatrick dominated the fantasy football landscape in week 1, totaling 42 fantasy points.

OK, maybe that was a bit of a surprise.

With quarterbacks, there’s always an opportunity to find a streaming option. It’s just picking the right one. And if New Orleans pass defense keeps playing like that, it may be a nice defense to stream against.

There weren’t a lot of surprises in week 1, with Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers putting up big fantasy totals. Those who invested in Andrew Luck in the fantasy football draft also have to be happy with that pick, after he picked up 19 fantasy points.

Don’t always be fooled by week 1 results, though. This is a long season and one week shouldn’t determine how you decide a team’s fate will be on a week-to-week basis. Here’s the week 2 fantasy football start ’em, sit ’em for quarterbacks list.

Ben Roethlisberger should help Pittsburgh as one of the week 2 quarterbacks to start. Flickr/ Beall


Ben Roethlisberger vs. Kansas City

That was an ugly opening game for Roethlisberger and the Steelers. Not only did the Steelers tie, but they blew a 14-point lead with less than eight minutes to go in the game…against the Browns.

Pittsburgh made too many mistakes in week 1, but that shouldn’t keep you away from them in this matchup.

Roethlisberger actually didn’t play that bad. He had to throw the ball in a driving rain throughout the day and his interceptions were tipped balls by his own team for the most part. Pittsburgh got too conservative late in the game, throttling down Roethlisberger’s potential.

Meanwhile, Kansas City’s leaky secondary from a year ago returned in week 1 against Los Angeles. Now some of this has to come with a grain of salt since the Chargers basically went to the air early because it had dug such a big hole, but I’m still worried about that secondary.

Roethlisberger wasn’t as bad as the stats indicate from week 1. Don’t be fooled by just one week’s results.

Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Detroit Lions

Garoppolo isn’t just a plug and play option yet in fantasy football. That’s why it was a smart decision to sit him in week 1 against a vaunted Minnesota defense.

But with the right matchup, Garoppolo can be a nice fantasy option, which should happen in week 2.

Despite the three turnovers, he should be commended for moving the ball at times against Minnesota’s defense with 261 yards passing. He gets the Lions at home against a defense that shouldn’t be considered a top-half defensive unit.

Garoppolo’s fortunes should easily change this week and I have him as an easy QB1.

Mitchell Trubisky vs. Seattle Seahawks

I always like to give a streaming option, so I’ll take my chances with Trubisky.

For the first half in week 1, Trubisky looked poised to be the best quarterback on the field Sunday night against Green Bay. Then Rodgers returned, and well, you know the rest of the story.

Chicago’s offense got too predictable and conservative in the second half. When it was moving at a solid clip, Trubisky looked good in his throws, and mixed in with the running game, the Bears looked like a formidable offensive threat.

Seattle has long been a team to avoid in these circumstances, but that pass rush is not the same as it once was. And while Case Keenum did turn the ball over a bit too much for Denver, I believe that was more Keenum than this defense in the week 1 matchup.


Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Don’t do it. It’s tempting and someone in your fantasy football league is going to pick up Fitzpatrick off the waiver wire.

Just make sure that person isn’t you.

Week 1 was the ultimate Fitzpatrick game. He’s a gunslinger who can throw for four touchdowns one week and then five interceptions the next. He’s unpredictable and when he has to face a ball-hawking defense like Philadelphia in week 2, he’s going to be in trouble.

Philadelphia’s front seven is more polished than New Orleans’, which should cause too much pressure for Fitzpatrick to overcome. We crowned the Saints in the offseason as this great defensive and offensive threat, but maybe we were premature.

The Eagles have way too much depth at cornerback and the throwing lanes that were readily available in week 1 for Fitzpatrick, won’t be there in week 2.

Joe Flacco vs. Cincinnati Bengals

This is another “don’t look at week 1 results too much” play.

Flacco was pretty good in week 1 and had that game wrapped up by the middle of the second quarter. Baltimore threw a lot, too, which is a plus for anyone investing in Flacco.

However, the offense still doesn’t call for much down the field yet, and with a defense like Cincinnati on the opposing end, I’d still pass on Flacco.

The Bengals allowed more than 300 yards passing in week 1, but I have to believe that has more to do with Luck’s talent, and less on how good Cincinnati is on defense. The front four was solid in week 1 and the secondary should have a better shot in week 2 against Flacco.

With Baltimore’s offense and its desire to pass, Flacco should be considered for future work. However, in this matchup, it doesn’t make enough sense.

Marcus Mariota vs. Houston Texans

Remember how I said not to take too much stock in week 1 results? Forget that for a moment.

I hated what I saw out of the Titans in week 1. Delanie Walker is likely out for the season, Mariota was injured but he looked indecisive before the injury happened, and Tennessee’s offensive line looked overmatched.

And maybe worst of all, first-year coach Mike Vrabel looked overwhelmed and was solidly outcoached, even before the weather hit.

The Titans may have had the worst week 1 of any team with all the injuries that occurred and the duration of that marathon game. And now they’ll have to square off against a Texans team that can rush the passer and create havoc in the backfield.

Mariota is firmly sitting on the fantasy football bench for now, especially with the injuries up front and with his favorite target now sidelined.

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