The NFL rarely takes a break from the national spotlight and with the recent release of the schedule, it’s natural to start thinking about win totals.

So I’ve already looked at the teams I love to go over this year (mind you, this is before the draft and practice). Here’s my bad news list, with 3 teams destined to go under in 2019 NFL win totals.

Baltimore Ravens, over/under 8

I’m surprised by oddsmakers’ restraint to not make this number higher. I’ll still go with the under based on limited offensive ability.

Lamar Jackson is not going to be the answer at quarterback. He was a one-dimensional quarterback in a bad way last year, only able to use his legs and not his arm. I don’t see much improvement in that regard in 2019, so the Ravens are in trouble.

NFL defenses will not allow the Ravens to do what they did last year. Defensive coordinators are well-known to adjust to second-year quarterbacks and the offense is too one-dimensional to maintain consistency.

The offense ranked in the bottom-10 in yards per play last season and the normally reliable defense got worse in the offseason. Usually I’m a Ravens apologist, but not this year. Keep an eye on the Ravens to have a down year.

Stefon Diggs and the Minnesota Vikings are heavily favored in the week 3 NFL Survivor Pool. Flickr

Minnesota Vikings, over/under 9

It pains me to say this, but I’m fading the Vikings in 2019. I hope I’m wrong, but the offense had trouble once again on the line in 2018 and I don’t see much immediate improvement on the horizon.

Kirk Cousins is not the answer at quarterback, especially against top-rate teams, which the Vikings will now face in Green Bay and Chicago in the division. And while I hate looking at schedules before the year starts to gauge possible victories, just look at what the schedule-makers gave Minnesota in road games – Green Bay, Chicago, New York Giants, Detroit, Kansas City, Dallas, Seattle and the Los Angeles Chargers. The final four mentioned are all played between Nov. 3 and Dec. 15.

That’s brutal.

The defense wasn’t as good as normal last year and I’m not sure if it can get back to the level of 2017. There are too many deficiencies to go along with a tough schedule for me to trust Minnesota.

Jacksonville Jaguars, over/under 8

I was all over Jacksonville’s demise in 2018 and I’m back on that bandwagon.

Since Jacksonville captured the AFC South title and went to the AFC Championship game in 2017, their division has improved immensely. Andrew Luck should be counted on as a regular contender in the division. The Texans aren’t going anywhere, especially with that kind of defense. And the Titans are good enough to compete for a title.

So that leaves Jacksonville, with an offense that is a mess and a defense that seems more preoccupied with individual honors than team accolades.

The offense ranked third from the bottom in 2018 in yards per play, and while Nick Foles is the ultimate playoff quarterback, he’s never proven to be a consistent option in the regular season. The Jaguars were a one-hit wonder and will continue their descent.

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