The great thing about this part of the year is that oddsmakers will make lines on pretty much anything.

So with news that Kyler Murray is likely to be a part of the NFL draft, the Heisman trophy winning quarterback from Oklahoma is getting more attention than most NFL-draft eligible players.

Oddsmakers have released lines on where Murray will land in the NFL draft. Most believe he’s not a first rounder, but with him being a quarterback, it’s highly likely that some team will reach. Which teams are the most likely? Here’s my two favorite picks on where he will land.

Kyler Murray has drawn some interest from oddsmakers. Flickr

Oakland Raiders, +325

This is the favorite in the clubhouse, and for good reason.

If any team in the NFL was going to reach for a player who does not have the measurables for sustainability in the league, then it would definitely be the Raiders. I was down on Baker Mayfield’s draft stock in 2018. Boy, was I wrong about that.

However, I still believed there was a chance for success for Mayfield, based on his accuracy and ability to slice through defenses from the pocket. Murray is a much different player, who relies on his legs at times and is shorter. That doesn’t last in the NFL. But that won’t be red flag for the Raiders, which are changing their identity in time for their move out of California.

It’s expected head coach Jon Gruden wants to groom his own quarterback, thus leaving Derek Carr in the dust. This could be the perfect project for Gruden, who doesn’t mind shorter quarterbacks. The Raiders are a leader in this regard for a reason, so they’re my top landing spot for Murray.

Denver Broncos, +800

I’ll take a shot in the dark on this one.

The Broncos have some instability at the offensive coordinator position and John Elway may be swayed by Murray’s baseball background, something Elway also had as a quarterback. Murray’s size may be a drawback for Elway, but the Broncos are in dire need for a quality quarterback, so Murray could fit that mold.

Murray was accurate in college, which I attribute to the offense and a dominating offensive line, which gave him time. I don’t believe he’s as naturally accurate as Mayfield, but his numbers say otherwise. And when there’s numbers to back up someone’s opinion, it generally means someone will reach.

Because of the instability on the coaching staff and Murray’s likelihood of making a splash, the Broncos offer a nice dark-horse candidate for landing Murray.

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