Had it not been for a historic loss by Minnesota to Buffalo last season, I would have gone undefeated through the 2018 Survivor Pool season.

So I’m feeling good about the prospects of continuing that momentum into week 1 of the 2019 NFL Survivor Pool season.

There aren’t many great matchups to exploit this week and the early weeks are always difficult to predict. However, here’s my favorite picks for week 1 in the NFL Survivor Pool.

Carson Wentz shouldn’t be drafted too high in the 2018 fantasy football draft. Flickr/Keith Allison

Best Bet

Philadelphia Eagles

The only game with a double-digit spread should get your full attention. If looking just at last season, this should be a comfortable win. The Redskins were one of the worst offensive teams in the NFL, averaging just 5 yards per play, ranking 28th.

Defensively, Washington was 17th in yards per play allowed, giving up 5.7 yards per play. That doesn’t make for much confidence, with an offense among the worst in the NFL and a defense unable to rank in the top-half of the NFL.

Philadelphia wasn’t as good as it should have been on offense last year, but this season should be much different. Carson Wentz is back to full health and the weapons around him have been upgraded. The offensive line is still good and the Eagles should have a very competent defensive line.

I’m bullish on the Eagles potential, so I’m banking on Philadelphia to start off on the right foot at home against Washington.

Sleeper Pick

New York Jets

I’m also higher on the Jets than most. Sam Darnold is another year older, meaning he should improve. The offensive line should be improved and the weapons around him are an upgrade, especially with Le’Veon Bell.

Defensively, I’m looking for a little more, but there’s still potential. Buffalo, meanwhile, had a bottom-two offense, to go with a solid defense. I expect the Bills to once again own one of the better defenses in the NFL, but I’m not near as excited about their potential on offense as New York’s.

I’m not sold on Josh Allen. And there’s very few weapons for him to utilize for the Bills. The Jets should be on the upswing, so I expect New York could be a surprise in week 1.

Be Careful

Baltimore Ravens

The Dolphins will be terrible in 2019. I fully expect that.

And do I believe the Dolphins will win this game in week 1? No, but I wouldn’t risk my Survivor Pool life on it. Miami may only win a maximum of three games this season. Oftentimes, terrible teams win a game or two early in the season, and once the rest of the NFL gets better, they stay the same, which is at the bottom of the NFL.

Baltimore doesn’t have an offense that I trust. I’m not sold on Lamar Jackson, especially with his prowess through the air. He’s a one-dimensional quarterback, who is an exceptional runner, with limited passing skills.

That poses a problem, especially on the road against an underdog. Without the ability to trust this offense, I’m not willing to take the Ravens on the road in week 1 against Miami.

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