We survived week 3 in the NFL Survivor Pool. That’s further than most did in 2018, thanks to the epic Vikings loss to the Bills.

Week 3 in 2019 wasn’t difficult to navigate, with several teams offering opportunities at victories, especially New England and Dallas being three-touchdown favorites. Both were good picks, so week 4 will offer a few more challenges.

There are still plenty of teams left, so here’s the week 4 NFL Survivor Pool picks.

Teams Used: Philadelphia, Baltimore, New England

Oddsmakers have listed the Indianapolis Colts at 11 for win total this season. Flickr/http://bit.ly/1KyHK9T/Erik Droste

Best Bet

Indianapolis Colts

I almost picked Minnesota in week 3 against Oakland. But there were too many easy picks out there in week 3 to ignore, so I avoided the game. But what I saw showed that Oakland isn’t ready to win too many games on the road.

And now the Colts get the Raiders on back-to-back road games, with Oakland struggling to find an identity on either side of the ball. The Vikings did whatever they wanted, especially in the running game, against the Raiders, something the Colts will take advantage of in week 4. And Oakland isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire on the offensive side of the ball.

Indianapolis is better than many people believe, so I’ll take my chances with the Colts in week 4.

Sleeper Pick

Houston Texans

If you’re looking for a sleeper in a league that is taking the anti-Dolphins strategy, then the Texans may be the best pick. Houston is OK, with a solid offense to go with a defense that is underrated.

Houston has played really good teams thus far this season, too, and is already 2-1, while Carolina is 1-2 and is playing in back-to-back road games with a backup quarterback.

I know Kyle Allen was good against Arizona, but the Texans are going to be a different beast altogether. I don’t expect much out of the Panthers in week 4, so the Texans should be a solid backup pick if you don’t like the Colts or the anti-Dolphins strategy.

Be Careful

Los Angeles Chargers

I’m not saying the Dolphins are actually going to win a game. That would be near impossible at this point.

However, the Chargers a terrible team in the beginning of seasons and this game is a cross-country trip for a team that is not necessarily the best at traveling. There’s no reason to even look at that stats because Miami is so bad. What has me nervous is that the Chargers really haven’t been playing that well so far this season and we’ve seen this kind of action from them before.

They start slow, only to finish strong. That has me nervous, so I’m avoiding the anti-Dolphins strategy for a week.

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