It’s getting more difficult to find quality NFL Survivor Pool teams.

With several teams on bye and already eight teams used in the Survivor Pool, it’s becoming more of a guessing game.

But even with the more difficulty that week 9 presents, there is a couple of games worthy of your attention. Here’s the week 9 NFL Survivor Pool best bets.

Teams Used: Green Bay, Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota (loss), Jacksonville, Carolina, Houston, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh

There’s no reason to underestimate the Kansas City Chiefs in 2018 NFL Win totals for the AFC West. Flickr

Best Bet

Kansas City Chiefs

It’s time I start trusting the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City is one of the better teams in the AFC and this week offers a perfect opportunity to hop on their bandwagon. The Chiefs are growing up on the defensive side of the ball.

The Chiefs are allowing 5.8 yards per play in the last three games, down from its season average of 6.3. The Browns, which started out hot on the defensive side of the ball this season, has allowed 6.2 yards per play in the last three games, up from its season average of 5.6.

Cleveland is getting worse and now with its coaches fired, it doesn’t seem much better. Kansas City has by far the better roster and should move the ball with ease. Don’t worry about this being a road game. The Browns are are a good pick to go against for the majority of the remainder of the season.

Sleeper Pick

Miami Dolphins

Don’t buy into the hype of the rookie quarterbacks. It’s tough to be a rookie. And even though many of the rookies started out hot, they’ve cooled, which should be expected.

One of the major problems for Sam Darnold in recent weeks has been the health of his team. His wide-receiver unit is non-existent thanks to injuries, and the defense hasn’t been able to pick him up like it did in the past.

Miami owns the better offense and has shown some strides in the passing game. Defensively, the Dolphins are struggling, but I like Miami at home against an injury-depleted Jets team going on back-to-back road trips.

Be Careful

Chicago Bears

I know this is going to sound ridiculous. I just have a hunch.

The Bears could be a popular pick this week, going against the Buffalo Bills. It makes sense. The Bills are terrible.

However, the offense moved the ball a bit better in week 8. Nathan Peterman is back, so that should make for a little reluctance, but he can’t be as bad as he’s shown in the past. The defense actually isn’t terrible, and Chicago’s defense has shown some holes in recent weeks.

Buffalo owns a strong home-field advantage and the Bears have been weak on the road this season, struggling against Arizona, and losing to Green Bay and Miami.

I expect this game to be much closer than people anticipate.

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  1. O oh. I liked KC the best too but opted to save them for next week vs. AZ. Took the next best option I had which was the Bears even though I had some of the same concerns you noted. Keeping fingers crossed.

    • Good luck! Little nervous about the Bears, but they should still win, though. Bills just can’t move the ball with any consistency.

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