You drafted Adam Wainwright to anchor your rotation as a pitcher. Then, you watched Saturday as Wainwright injured himself as a batter.

That’s a big hole to fill on a fantasy team.

The good news is that pitchers are replaceable, even the ones as good as Wainwright. The bad news is those replacements can turn in some awful performances.

There are still some pitchers likely available on the waiver wire, so as long as you’re not in a National League only league (then you’re in big trouble), there should be some options available to keep your fantasy team from completely bombing.

His replacement

So far, Wainwright’s replacement hasn’t been announced yet. If we are to conjecture, it could either be Jaime Garcia or Marco Gonzales.

Neither of those options would be owned in any fantasy leagues, so they could be picked up right away in anticipation of the announcement on who will replace Wainwright. Garcia has proven in the past his ability to produce some wins. However, a career ERA of 3.50 doesn’t say much, especially considering his ERA has continued to get worse throughout the years. He would, though, provide some strikeouts, if he can stay healthy. And that’s a big if.

Gonzales is a top prospect in the Cardinals minor league system. He pitched in 10 games last year and had a quality two-game stretch in the division series, before experiencing a letdown in the NLCS when he allowed three earned runs in three games.

He would be a wild card, but if he’s announced as the replacement, he would be an unknown. That could be a cheap way to make a difference. Or he could be a bust. No one will know until he gets put in that regular role.

Other CardinalsĀ 

If Carlos MartinezĀ is available, pick him up. He’s likely been snatched up by now, but he’s 2-0 with 21 strikeouts and a 1.35 ERA. He’s also produced a 0.90 WHIP, making him a desirable option to say the least. That production likely won’t last, but with the Cardinals needing more production out of their starters, look for Martinez to step up into that bigger role.

John Lackey also is another option. However, Lackey has produced two bad starts already this year. He could be OK in a short run, but don’t expect miracles out of Lackey.

Aaron Harang

He’s not going to keep up this pace. Similar to last year, though, he’s hot early in the season. He’s worth a band-aid until the Cardinals either select a full replacement or another option opens up.

Right now, Harang is 2-1 with 21 strikeouts, a 1.37 ERA, and a 0.80 WHIP. This ride won’t last, but that’s quality numbers for anyone.

He’s likely available in your league, and if this streak continues, his trade value may increase enough that you can find a more consistent pitcher.


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