As much love as the Mets have gotten in the National League, the Kansas City Royals are getting possibly more in the American League.

Many prognosticators had the Royals taking a step back this year, putting them at 33/1 to win the World Series at the beginning of the season. Now, the Royals are sitting at 12-4 atop the American League Central, and are 12/1 to win the World Series, according to

What many thought would be a an all-out brawl in the American League Central, has turned out to be a two-horse race between the Royals and Tigers. It’s still April, but Vegas is beginning to notice that the Royals may be for real.

Detroit also has felt the love, going from 16/1 to win the World Series in the beginning of the season, to 17/2 now. In addition, the AL East has shown more power than previously believed, with the Baltimore Orioles going from 33/1 to 22/1, and the Tampa Bay Rays going from 66/1 to 40/1.

That strength in the divisions should create some strong competitions down the stretch. Boston is at 5/4 to win the AL East, with Baltimore and Toronto at 7/2 and New York at 11/2. Tampa Bay is 8/1.

The Central and West also should have competition, with Detroit going off at 10/11 and Kansas City at 2/1. The Chicago White Sox are now at 7/1 (at the beginning of the season, the odds were 9/4), and Indians are at 5/1 (at the beginning of the season, the odds were 2/1).

In the West, the LA Angels, Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners will battle it out, at least according to Vegas. The Angels are at 9/5, with Oakland at 13/4, and Seattle at 29/20.

As far as the biggest tumbles, the White Sox have fallen from 16/1 odds to win the World Series to 33/1. But no one has dropped like the Texas Rangers, which has fallen from 50/1 to 200/1 to win the World Series. At the beginning of the season, the Rangers were 6/1 to compete for the AL West title.

Now they’re at 25/1.

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