Green Bay, Indianapolis and Seattle are still expected to win the most games during the NFL season.

All three teams have an over/under of 11 wins this season, according to Oddsshark. That’s consistent to what was released in May.

New England has gone down slightly, from 10.5 wins to 10, while Denver is the only other team in the NFL with an over/under of double-digit victories at 10 wins.

The majority of teams – 13 to be exact – are in the 8 or 8.5 over/under range, but there are a few outliers.

Dallas and Philadelphia, both favorites to win the NFC East, have over/unders of 9.5 wins, while the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins are at nine wins. The Dolphins have won more than nine games once since 2004.

Tennessee, Oakland and Jacksonville continue to bring up the rear at 5.5 wins, while Tampa Bay is the lone team at six wins.

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