The Survivor Pool hasn’t been easy, unless you’ve going against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Dolphins have improved and big favorites haven’t been great at covering the spread.

This time of year, it’s tough to find guaranteed Survivor Pool teams, since if you’re still playing, you’ve likely exhausted all of the quality teams by now.

Derek Carr should be considered as a sleeper quarterback in the 2018 fantasy football draft. Flickr/Keith Allison

Best Bet

Oakland Raiders

It’s a pretty solid bet that you haven’t used Oakland yet this season. The Raiders were supposed to be a team that you picked against on a regular basis.

But that hasn’t been the case so far.

The Raiders have one of the best offenses in the NFL, going for 6.1 yards per play, the fifth-best mark in the league. The defense could use some work, as it allows the second-most yards per play in the league, but that shouldn’t be a problem against the Bengals.

The only team to allow more yards per play this season than the Raiders happen to be these Bengals. And the offense isn’t good, which only has been exasperated by having a backup quarterback.

The Raiders should win this game without much trouble, especially with a dominating running game against the worst rushing defense in the NFL.

Sleeper Pick

Buffalo Bills

If you haven’t taken the Bills yet this season, this may be the right time.

Buffalo’s defense is still among the elite in the NFL, giving up the fourth-fewest yards per play at 4.9. The offense isn’t good and is getting worse, but I’m still favoring it against the Dolphins.

Miami has put up some extra effort in recent weeks, but this will be against a playoff team. The Dolphins still have combined two of the worst units in the NFL.

That’s a major issue against a team as good as the Bills.

Be Careful

Minnesota Vikings

I’m not saying Minnesota is going to lose.

But the Vikings are coming off a big win in primetime and I’ve seen this story before. Minnesota is not a flashy offense, so if the opposing defense can stop the run, then the Vikings are in trouble.

And I can’t forget about Vic Fangio’s defensive effort last year against the Vikings with the Bears. He’ll have a week to prepare for this offense, so that may prove problematic.

What makes it even more of a problem for the Minnesota is that the defense has been non-existence in recent weeks, which could allow the Broncos to move the ball.

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