In the world of handicapping, there’s no shortage of preseason NFL bets.

Bettors are ready to get into the season, but with more than a month remaining before meaningful games start, oddsmakers are pushing out plenty of different kinds of action.

One that caught my eye this week was odds on every team’s chances on making the playoffs in the NFL.

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Some teams have that longshot appeal, like Arizona at +800 to make the playoffs or New England at +800 to miss the playoffs.

And some feature some head-scratching numbers. Here’s three teams that have value moving forward in NFL playoff futures.

Atlanta Falcons, +115 to make playoffs

The NFC South is always a difficult one to prognosticate.

However, to believe the Falcons, which keep making progress on the defensive side of the ball, should be an underdog to make the playoffs is comical.

Atlanta will once again deploy a top-tier offense. And that defense is getting better. Matt Ryan wasn’t very good last year, and this team was still a top-10 offense in yards per play last year.

Atlanta will challenge for a divisional title, so there’s great value in making this pick.

Dak Prescott will be on the rise in the 2018 NFL season. Flickr/Keith Allison

Dallas Cowboys, +145 to make playoffs

By the end of 2018, I’m either going to look really smart or be entering the poor house.

I just don’t get the obsession with undervaluing the Cowboys. Jason Whitten is gone. Dez Bryant is history. But that offensive line is still one of the best in the NFL and the defense improved last year, and shouldn’t take a step back in 2018.

I know the media believes that wide receivers are necessary for teams to win, but I just don’t see it that way. Teams win by moving the line of scrimmage. Dallas can do that better than any team in the NFL.

Dallas is being overlooked and by the midpoint of the 2018 season, this number will seem laughable.

Kansas City Chiefs, +120 to make playoffs

Here’s another mystery.

People are backing off the Chiefs in droves. I know that Patrick Mahomes hasn’t taken meaningful snaps yet in the NFL, so that does throw up a semi-red flag.

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I didn’t exactly love Alex Smith. So even if it’s a downgrade, it’s only slight. And let’s face it, Smith wasn’t the reason why the Chiefs were winning games regularly during his tenure.

The defense has long been above-average, and after a bad performance last year, it should be much improved in 2018. And the AFC West isn’t as daunting as it once was. Denver is down. Oakland is rebuilding. And while the Los Angeles Chargers have the best roster in the division, they’ve been known to squander large talent gaps before.

The Chiefs are a steady, nine to 10-win team. That will be the case once again this year, so this pick offers great value.

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