Want to predict locusts will overrun the Super Bowl? You can do it, and just in case it happens, the value is so large it would easily pay for that long-awaited retirement at 1,000,000/1.

Now’s the time for the best prop bets in sports with the Super Bowl on the horizon. Thanks to MyTopSportsBooks.com, you can check out crazy prop bets like locusts taking over the big game, or ones that focus on the specific game.

Here’s my favorite non-game-related prop bets entering Super Bowl 52.

Odds Super Bowl 52 viewership is down vs Super Bowl 51: 2/3

This is pretty much a guarantee, so even though the value is bad, you can still hammer home a winner.

Each playoff round has been down over prior year, and despite the value the Patriots bring to the big game, it’s still not enough to bring in the fringe casual fans. Philadelphia is bringing a back-up quarterback, so the consensus is for another New England win, and many believe it won’t be close.

That creates challenges in drawing ratings, especially if it’s not a competitive game. The viewership is down, so grab a victory while you can with this prop.

Tom Brady should have another solid outing, so the Patriots should be backed in the NFL playoff picks. Flickr/http://bit.ly/1KCE5EA/ Keith Allison

O/U number of times the phrase “greatest of all-time” is said during the broadcast: 1.5

These oddsmakers are good. You know this is going to be used at least once. Broadcasters can’t go a game without mentioning this phrase about New England quarterback Tom Brady.

The key is if this will be mentioned twice. It depends on if this game is going the way of the Patriots, and on specific plays. If Brady avoids a sack, scrambles out of the pocket and threads a needle in double-coverage for a touchdown pass, then it’s more than likely this — “that’s why he’s the greatest of all-time” — will be said.

It’s game-dependent, but it’s more than plausible this phrase will be uttered at least twice. I’ll go with the over in this one.

O/U commercials featuring Peyton Manning: 0.5

If you’ve watched any NFL games this season, you definitely haven’t missed Manning on your television. He’s the main spokesman for Nationwide insurance and his commercials run ad nauseam during telecasts.

So it would seem this number is low, since you would think Nationwide would air a commercial during the Super Bowl. However, when looking at advertisers for the Super Bowl, Nationwide doesn’t appear. Manning could make a cameo appearance with someone else, but I’ll actually go with the under in this instance and assume Manning will sit out this year’s Super Bowl.

Odds Donald Trump will insult _____ via Twitter during game

The NFL as a whole: 3/4

Any black NFL player: 3/1

Any white NFL player: 30/1

Justin Timberlake: 39/1

The Eagles franchise: 49/1

The Patriots franchise: 99/1

Tom Brady: 1000/1

This could be multiple options, so let’s start with the top pick — the NFL. Ratings have been down for each round of the playoffs this season, so that will likely start off the Twitter broadcast for the president. The value is low, but much like the ratings being down over prior year, this is pretty much a guarantee.

If you’re really looking for value, though, I’d bank on a Timberlake insult. The chances somebody during that halftime show saying something bad about Trump is pretty high. Even if it’s not Timberlake, Trump may take to Twitter to disparage the entire show, and would mention Timberlake by name, since he’s the headline act.

Odds a fan streaks the field: 5/1

Don’t waste your money on this one. The value isn’t anywhere near tempting for a game being played in Minneapolis.

Minnesota people are known as Minnesota-nice. That doesn’t scream “streaker.”

There will be plenty of out-of-towners, but this isn’t worth the gamble.

Odds on Pink’s hair color during the national anthem

Blonde: 2/1

Pink: 5/2

Brown: 9/2

Green: 10/1

FIELD: 8/1

This one is tough. Normally I stick to the average duration of the national anthem, but this is too fun to pass up.

You would think Pink would have blonde hair, especially for this big moment, but she’s been mostly about the blonde look in recent years. It’s tempting to take the field, but the best bet in this case is for Pink to return to her roots, and well, go pink with the hair.

Odds to make a guest appearances during the halftime show

There are a lot of choices, so you’ll just have to take a look for yourself on if anybody else offers you value. But this is my top value pick of the Super Bowl.

If you believe Janet Jackson will make a return trip to the Super Bowl halftime show, the odds are in your favor at 200/1. Is it incredibly likely that will happen? No. But it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility.

If the NFL truly wanted to distance itself from that halftime show more than a decade ago that brought “wardrobe malfunction” into our regular lexicon, then they wouldn’t have invited back Timberlake. That creates the possibility that Jackson could be a surprise return and make your wallet very happy by the end of the show.

There’s plenty more prop bets, so be sure to check out MyTopSportsBooks.com.

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