It took me a few weeks, but I’ve finally gotten hot in the Survivor Pool.

I’m 18-3 straight up in my best bets and sleeper picks since week 7. That’s not a bad run considering I’m generally picking at least two teams each week that I haven’t picked all year.

I’ll try to keep the ball rolling in the final week. I’ve used some of the bigger names, so here’s my take on the week 17 Survivor Pool.

The Washington Redskins should get your attention in the week 17 Survivor Pool pick. Flickr/ Glorioso

Best Bet

Washington Redskins

I don’t have the Redskins as my biggest favorite, but they’re the best of the rest remaining on my docket.

Some of you may have saved some teams, like Baltimore, Pittsburgh or the Los Angeles Chargers for this moment. I didn’t, so if you’re like me, the Redskins offer the best bet.

New York is a mess. Offensively, they can’t move the ball. After these two teams’ first meeting, I couldn’t imagine the Giants putting Eli Manning back out on the field for another week. The coaching staff didn’t want to either, and a terrible season then became even more chaotic after that effort.

The Giants average just 4.8 yards per play, with an anemic 5.8 yards per pass attempt. Conversely, the Redskins average 7.2 yards per pass, which should have some room to maneuver against a Giants defense allowing 7.4 yards per pass attempt this season.

Washington can’t run the ball, but that shouldn’t matter in this one. The Giants’ offense is atrocious and the defense is terrible. New York is ready for this season to end, so Washington deserves some attention on the Survivor Pool.

Sleeper Pick

Indianapolis Colts

If you’re still alive in the Survivor Pool, it’s likely you haven’t taken the Colts just yet.

That could change in week 17.

The Colts are going to give premium effort. The same can’t be said for the opponent, Houston. The Texans have given up, and offensively, they could be the worst offense in the league.

In the last three games, the Texans are averaging just 4.3 yards per pass attempt, just slightly higher than the New York Jets. Defensively, a once stout unit, is showing signs of giving up. Houston is giving up 6.3 yards per play in the last three games, more than the season average of 5.8. The biggest issues have happened in the secondary, with Houston allowing 9.4 yards per pass attempt.

Meanwhile, the Colts are going to showcase a below-average offense, but the defense has made some strides, especially in defending the pass. Both teams are major disappointments, but I know I’ll get effort from Indianapolis. I can’t say that about Houston.

Be Careful

Seattle Seahawks

Many of you have probably used Seattle. In case you haven’t, don’t just blindly book the Seahawks as your week 17 pick.

Seattle’s offense is not good. They weren’t good in a win against Dallas in week 16, and they’ve shown massive stretches of inconsistency in moving the ball. That’s a major problem against an Arizona team that has enough defensively to stop the Seahawks.

Seattle is averaging just 4.2 yards per play in the last three games, while the Cardinals are giving up 4.2 yards per play on defense. This should be a low-scoring game, so that worries me if I put my Survivor Pool life on the Seahawks.

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