When the NBA playoffs begin this weekend, it’s not all about finding the best team when considering what bet is best for which team will win the NBA championship.

According to Vegasinsider.com, the Cleveland Cavaliers are 2/1 odds to win the title. The next closest team in the Eastern Conference is the Atlanta Hawks at 18/1. To win the Eastern Conference, the Hawks are at 7/2, so if you’re willing to pick the Hawks or even the Chicago Bulls at 8/1 to win the conference, it would be smart to go ahead and place money on them for the title. The Bulls are going off at 20/1.

For the most part, it’s not worth it to look at the Eastern Conference. The NBA isn’t difficult to predict because of the NBA’s seven-game series, making it likely the Cavs will be in the championship.

The Western Conference, on the other hand, could be up for grabs as long as the San Antonio Spurs don’t make another run. The Spurs are hot and are in line for a No. 2 seed. That would be devastating for other teams in the conference, and the Spurs are at 3/1 odds currently to win the title.

The only other Western Conference team with better odds are the Golden State Warriors at 2/1. It’s been a great regular season, but should bettors trust the Warriors over the Spurs? The Spurs represent a better value, so expect many bettors to take advantage of the Spurs at whatever spot they secure.

Despite having higher odds, there may be some sleeper picks in the Western Conference. The Spurs have been there before. But the Warriors haven’t, making it possible that a team may sneak into the Western Conference finals. And as proved when the Oklahoma City Thunder made the NBA finals, anything can happen at that level.

Consider looking at the Memphis Grizzlies or Houston Rockets. Both teams have playmakers and have odds on their sides to make an interesting bet going forward. The Rockets are at 30/1, while the Grizzlies are at 35/1 to win the NBA championship. Neither of those teams are likely to win, but those teams are capable of winning multiple games in the playoffs, making those odds enticing.

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