The Cavs will have a tough time in the 2018 NBA Finals. Flickr/Keith Allison/

Much like every major sporting event, the NBA Finals offers enough prop bets to keep even the most casual fan semi-interested for the duration of the series.

However, unlike the Super Bowl, most of the prop bets focus on what’s happening during actual game action, and not on everything else surrounding the games.

Here’s my favorite prop bets heading into the NBA Finals. To find the best sportsbooks, check out Best Online Sportsbooks.

Will LeBron James record a triple double in the series?

Yes -285; No +195

There’s a reason why oddsmakers are juicing the “no.” This is about as easy as it gets.

Barring an injury, there’s no doubt in my mind this will happen. Cleveland is basically outmatched in every facet of this series, except for James.

That means James will have to be Superman, which he is most capable of doing. The return on investment isn’t great, but you can be sure this will come through — Verdict: Yes

What will be the highest margin of victory in the series?

Over 22.5 points (-120); Under 22.5 points (-120)

You’re getting equal value in this spot and with good reason.

The NBA is all about the blowouts nowadays, so it’s not out of bounds that more than one game will be a blowout.

The Cavaliers are going to have to conserve some energy and James is known to rest for a few games in a series to make sure he has enough in the gas tank for four wins.

I’m expecting a closer game in game one, but watch out for game two as one where James takes a load off, allowing the Warriors to head to Cleveland with a major blowout. — Verdict: Over

Will there be a game-winning buzzer-beater?

Yes (+550); No (-900)

Oddsmakers are tempting you to take the “yes.”

And maybe in the past, I might take you up on that offer. Playoff games felt more like it came down to the final possession 10 to 20 years ago. Now, games are usually blowouts, or a team is able to extend its lead as the game wears on.

You’re getting nothing out of picking the “no,” but it’s actually better value than picking the Warriors to win the series.

Today’s NBA is just a different product than what we witnessed years ago. There’s no reason to take the bait in this instance. Go with the sure thing. — Verdict: No

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