Four games will continue the NBA playoffs Sunday.

Here are the four best bets as the playoffs continue. Odds are provided by Postseason record so far: 5-6.

Cleveland at Boston (+7.5)

Give Boston some credit. It has pushed the Cavs to the edge, despite falling behind 3-0.

This series was over before it started, but the Celtics have given gamblers enough hope that the spread is still within single digits. The Celtics were above .500 at home against the spread during the regular season. Couple that with a little pride to keep the series going, and Boston will play hard enough in this contest to stay within striking distance.

I’m not confident the series will continue, but look for Boston to cover the spread. Pick — Boston

LA Clippers at San Antonio (-6.5)

If any team could keep momentum going after a dominating game three, it’s the San Antonio Spurs.

Normally, I would be worried about a Fanboy Alert when a team dominates a game three and has all the experts drooling over that performance. But this is the Spurs and if Kawhi Leonard goes off like he did in game three, the Clippers are in trouble.

Pretty much everyone has the Spurs, with the line moving from 5.5 to 6.5 in the short time it has been posted.

But something tells me the Clippers will show some resolve. Now’s the time for the Clippers, and if it doesn’t happen this year, it will never happen. The Clippers should be hungrier than the Spurs, and we’re getting six points in this one.

It’s tough to get too excited picking against the Spurs, but the Clippers need this. If the Spurs win this one, consider this series over. Pick — LA Clippers

Toronto at Washington (-5.5)

Toronto has been bad against the spread and straight up in this series.

Why would I have any confidence in the Raptors in game four? Sometimes gamblers just don’t learn, and consider that gambler to be me.

I was fairly confident in the Raptors in game three, considering Toronto absolutely needed that game. It started out well, but ended with another cover and win for the Wizards. Washington is playing well, and that seems to be a trend that has carried over since last year.

But Toronto should win a game in this series. It doesn’t have to win this one, and as long as it doesn’t lose by 30 points, it should be close enough that Toronto gets one cover in this series. Pick — Toronto

Houston at Dallas (+2.5)

Sometimes it’s just not to be. For Dallas this is one of those series.

Houston is on a hot against the spread streak, and despite a stellar offensive effort by Dallas in game three, Houston still came out the victor.

I don’t believe the Mavs have the resolve to come back, especially considering the injuries have piled up, and they’re looking to get this season over to focus on life without Rajon Rondo.

This is one of those games where I’m not incredibly confident, but Houston should close out this series with a sweep. Pick — Houston


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