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This is where sports meet fantasy and prognosticating. Resident expert Scott Levine will look at recent trends and prognosticate future events in the world of sports involving professional baseball, basketball and football, and college basketball and football.

Against The Chalk is a content-driven website devoted to fantasy sports and sports prognosticating. We’ll look at sports through the prism of fantasy, giving readers a different take than the traditional sports story.

We’ll also report on sports through a prognosticating perspective. The popularity of sports handicapping is only going to continue to grow, making way for Scott to give you the ins and outs of this emerging industry.

Against The Chalk creator Scott Levine is no stranger to fantasy sports or picking games. He entered the world as a grade-schooler, when he finished first in the Professional Football Prognosticators league, full of his dad’s friends. He was 8 when he took home his first plaque, which he still proudly owns.

And although he hasn’t brought home a fantasy sports trophy yet, it’s just a matter of time before his name is etched in eternal glory.

This isn’t just about AgainstTheChalk.com. We see these two subjects as topics traditional media outlets cannot ignore any longer.

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