For the first time in the 2018 season, I don’t have an overwhelming favorite for my Survivor Pool.

Even in my lone loss, along with pretty much everyone else in week 3 with Minnesota, I still was confident in the Vikings. This week offers a different perspective, with plenty of close spreads and big spreads featuring teams I’ve already used.

With only one loss this season in the Survivor Pool, I’ll have to go out on a limb this week. Here’s my favorite week 11 NFL Survivor Pool picks.

Teams Used: Green Bay, Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota (loss), Jacksonville, Carolina, Houston, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Los Angeles Chargers

The Chicago Bears are the best bet for this week’s Survivor Pool. Flickr

Best Bet

Chicago Bears

I’ve flirted with the Bears for multiple weeks, but this is my best bet for week 11.

One of the main issues with this week is that all those teams that I love to pick against, like Cleveland, the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills, are all on bye, and the two other teams that are solid picks against are playing each other in Oakland and Arizona.

So, I’m hitching my wagon to the Bears, which, to me, should have a strong advantage against Minnesota.

The Bears can match up with the Vikings defense. And for much of this year, the Bears offense has been far more successful than Minnesota’s. The Vikings have struggled to the move the ball consistently, and it won’t get much better in week 11 since the Bears are one of the best teams in stopping the run.

Chicago is allowing just 3.7 yards per play in the last three games, an even better number than Minnesota during that same period at 3.9. Give me the home team in a night atmosphere that should favor the Bears.

Sleeper Pick

Baltimore Ravens

Everyone was all in on the Ravens and Bengals hype trains earlier this season. But how quickly that has disappeared.

Both teams are struggling in recent weeks, with the Ravens unable to muster anything of substance offensively, while the Bengals just can’t stop anybody.

And these recent rough patches are much different stories for both teams. The Ravens are playing solid teams close, like New Orleans and Pittsburgh, while the Bengals struggled at home against Miami and Tampa Bay, and then were blown out by New Orleans and Kansas City.

Baltimore owns a major edge on the defensive side of the ball, so as long as the Ravens are still motivated, this game should go in Baltimore’s favor.

Be Careful

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona will be a half-way popular pick in week 11.

Thanks to a matchup against the downtrodden Raiders, the Cardinals offer some hope in Survivor Pools, where there aren’t many clear-cut options still available.

Arizona seems to be improving, but there’s still a long ways to go.

And while I believe the Raiders have quit, they showed some life in the pass rush in week 10 against the Los Angeles Chargers, so things may not go as well as many plan for Josh Rosen and company.

I like Arizona in this game, but I’m not willing to stake my Survivor Pool future on a team that has regularly been unable to move the ball.

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  1. Scott – I won my survivor pool last week. KC came thru for me and Phil did not for the last 2 remaining opponents. Thankfully because like you when I was looking ahead I did not know who to hang my hat on. Thanks again for your column/advice. Will continue to read but the pressure is off until next year.

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