It’s all about New England in the AFC for the Super Bowl 52 odds. Flickr/Keith Allison/

Tom Brady’s future is the talk of the offseason for the NFL.

And when it’s all said and done, it’s hard to see him going anywhere other than New England. The Patriots don’t have a backup plan at the quarterback position, so it’s easier for the Patriots to bring back Brady and upgrade the offensive line.

New England’s offense was a train wreck late in the 2019 season, with a bad offensive line and no weapons on the outside. New England is a good organization, so they know it’s easier to build a better offensive line and add some weapons, rather than enter the quarterback gamble, which doesn’t fare well for other teams.

That’s why the Patriots are still the favorite to land Brady in 2020 and that’s the smartest bet at -150. The odds aren’t great, but a few weeks ago, those would have been even worse for the favorite.

However, if you’re looking for another team to lock in…

Look at the Tennessee Titans

While everyone is focusing on West Coast, I’m looking at the better offensive line.

The Titans own a top-10 offensive line that made Ryan Tannehill look like an MVP candidate. The weapons aren’t good, but there’s some things to work with for the Titans. A.J. Brown is an emerging wide receiver and the running game is good enough that it can put a Band-Aid on a lot of deficiencies.

Brady would elevate the Titans to a Super Bowl contender and the prospects look better in Tennessee than the other teams vying for Brady.

Time to overlook the Chargers

At one point, I figured the Chargers would be the best bet in booking Brady. And at +600, the Chargers are slightly behind the Titans as the third-best odds to land Brady.

However, Philip Rivers struggled behind a make-shift offensive line and that’s not something Brady wants to have at this juncture of his career. Rivers and Brady are not mobile, making a functional offensive line imperative.

And that’s not something you can trust with the Chargers.

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