It’s never too early to start looking at the NFL season. And with that early look, there’s an opportunity to cash in on some early value in win totals.

Here’s a look at the early 2020 NFL expectations for the NFC North for the best chances to make some extra cash in 2020.

Chicago Bears, 2020 Win Total — 8

It didn’t come as a surprise that the Bears dipped in 2019. The offense was a stagnant mess in 2018 for the most part and the defense was ultra opportunistic.

So 2019 was bound to be a different story than 2018. Mitchell Trubisky didn’t grow in the quarterback position and the defense didn’t force the turnovers necessary to make up for a below-average offense.

That should also be the case again in 2020. The defense is good, but the offense just isn’t good enough to consider as a team that will be the main competitor for the NFC North title. — Go Under with Chicago

Matthew Stafford should get the sit in the week 11 start ’em, sit ’em guide for quarterbacks. Flickr

Detroit Lions, 2020 Win Total — 6.5

This is one where I believe you can get an edge.

Matthew Stafford doesn’t win championships, but he is usually a good bet to compete for a playoff spot. The Lions will improve on both sides of the ball in 2020 and with Stafford coming back from injury, this team should win at least seven games.

Detroit was en route to at least seven wins in 2019 before Stafford went down with injury. This is one of my best bets to consider in 2020. — Go Over with Detroit

Green Bay Packers, 2020 Win Total — 9.5

I’m not buying it.

Green Bay won the NFC North and competed in the NFC Championship game in 2019. But when you look deeper, the Packers weren’t even close to being a top-tier unit on the defensive and offensive sides of the ball.

The offense was inconsistent and the defense couldn’t stop the run. Aaron Rodgers was good, but not his previous great self. This team screams let-down in 2020.

Numbers always level out, so I expect this situation will once again be the case. — Go Under with Green Bay

Minnesota Vikings, 2020 Win Total — 9.5

This is another difficult one to believe where a team can go over this total.

The Vikings were one of the better teams on both offense and defense in 2019, but there’s just something missing from this team. The talent is good enough to compete for a playoff spot, but this team can’t beat the Bears and winning on the road in this division will be tough for each team in 2020.

Kirk Cousins isn’t the answer for Minnesota. It boiled over a little in 2019 and I expect that to become more of an issue in 2020. — Go Under with Minnesota

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