Fearing rookie quarterbacks in fantasy football drafts isn’t necessary anymore.

From Dak Prescott to Deshaun Watson, there has been some value with rookies in the last two years. And with five quarterbacks drafted in the first round of the NFL draft, there’s a distinct probability we’ll see fantasy football impact from at least one rookie signal caller in 2018.

There’s a clear frontrunner in one rookie establishing himself as a fantasy football starter early in the season. And there’s a clear gulf between the bottom-three and top-two quarterbacks in this first-round class.

Here’s the early rankings for the best fantasy football choices among the first round rookie quarterbacks.

Josh Rosen should be rated higher than any rookie quarterback entering the 2018 fantasy football draft. Flickr

Josh Rosen, QB, Arizona Cardinals

This is a win-win for both parties. With Rosen, the Cardinals get a quarterback capable of stepping into the starting role on day one. He’s an elite passer who has consistently been called the most “pro ready” of all the quarterbacks in the 2018 draft.

It’s not just the Cardinals that won with this selection, either. One of Rosen’s knocks, other than his durability concerns, is that he’s not a great teammate. With the Cardinals, he’s entering a veteran-laden lockerroom, where he won’t have to be a leader from day one. He can ease into the role with players who have been top-tier players for several years.

He has pieces around him with David Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and an emerging Ricky Seals-Jones at tight end.

Sam Bradford is the starter in Arizona, but that’s a short-term obstacle since Bradford is made of glass. Rosen will see action in 2018, and when he does, he should be rated at the high-end QB2/low-end QB1 level.

Sam Darnold, QB, New York Jets

Darnold is still young, so while I believe he offers the most upside of any of the quarterbacks drafted in 2018, he may take a little longer than expected. And that’s fine in New York, since Josh McCown is perfectly capable of slinging the ball all over the yard, with varied success.

It will take some time for Darnold to see the field in 2018, and even when he does, I’m not sure I can trust the pieces around him. The Jets have terrible offensive personnel. Quincy Enunwa, Robby Anderson and Jordan Leggett are the main receiving weapons, with Isaiah Crowell taking handoffs in the backfield.

The Jets will struggle to score, so even if Darnold sees some action later in the season, don’t expect 20-point fantasy outputs right away. Eventually, he will become that quarterback, but it won’t happen in 2018.

Baker Mayfield, QB, Cleveland Browns

There’s a top-two tier, and then an “other” category. Mayfield tops that category based on the likelihood of seeing action right away.

Teams don’t draft quarterbacks No. 1 overall to put them on the bench for the entire season. Even with Tyrod Taylor as the No. 1 option currently in Cleveland, Mayfield will be behind center. And that won’t be a good sign for the Browns.

With that being said, I’m not ruling out a decent performance every now and then from Mayfield. Don’t smirk, but the Browns actually have some decent weapons on offense. Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, Jarvis Landry and Carlos Hyde are their skill position players. That’s easily in the top-half of the NFL for best skill position players.

Talent helps in fantasy football, so that gives Mayfield some hope. But I can’t get over the second half of the Georgia game. Pop the tape in yourself and take a gander. Against a top-level college defense, with high-level skill position players around him, Mayfield looked like a third-string high school quarterback in the second half. The NFL features even tighter windows, so I’m not buying into consistent performances from Mayfield, especially during his rookie season.

Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens

Jackson won’t see the field in 2018 unless quarterback Joe Flacco gets hurt, so that severely limits his potential. If Jackson would see the field, he has that raw ability to at least put up some big-time fantasy football numbers in his rookie season.

What do Watson and Prescott have in common? They can run. And they probably can’t run faster than Jackson. That’s what helped propel those two quarterbacks to rookie stardom, so I see a similar possibility for Jackson, if he sees the field. And that’s a much bigger if than the previous three mentioned.

If he sees the field, he will have decent weapons, too, with Willie Snead and Michael Crabtree now suiting up for the Ravens. Mayfield has a much better shot at seeing the field, so I’m putting him ahead of Jackson in this exercise. But if Jackson is inserted into the lineup, he should be rated ahead of Mayfield in fantasy football.

Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Bills

There’s nothing to see here.

Allen won’t see the field, and if he does, it will be a disaster. He has bust written all over him based on his accuracy struggles. It’s fantastic that he has a great arm, but that doesn’t translate into much in the NFL without the accuracy.

He at least needs some time to develop, so A.J. McCarron will get more than a few chances at keeping the starting job.

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