Rookie running backs can cause some issues in fantasy football.

Just look at Ronald Jones III from last season.

However, Saquon Barkley could be the No. 1 player in fantasy football this season based on his rookie performance in 2018. While I don’t always like to jump on rookie running backs early in the fantasy football draft, I don’t mind taking a few chances on them, especially later in drafts.

The only thing to remember about rookie running backs, especially with ones you may draft late, is that they require patience.

Justice Hill offers some intrigue as a rookie fantasy football running backs. Flickr

Josh Jacobs, Alabama Crimson Tide

One of the issues with Jones from last season is that he didn’t have much skill in the passing game. And while the Crimson Tide aren’t known to be heavy passing teams, Jacobs has been routinely used in the passing game during his career with the Crimson Tide.

Better yet, even with a high skill-set, Jacobs doesn’t suffer from the same wear and tear that many college running backs endure. Because of the depth and the Crimson Tide’s unique ability to blow out the opposition, Jacobs has only registered more than 100 carries only once in his career.

He won’t be as low-risk as Barkley was in 2019, but Jacobs offers some promise, especially with the regularity for coaches to mix and match their running backs.

David Montgomery, Iowa State Cyclones

I like Montgomery as being a sleeper in 2019.

He’s not going to be a major contributor out of the backfield as a receiver, so he doesn’t offer that nice three-down running back. However, as a runner, he was one of the hardest running backs to tackle in college football during his career.

That should go a long way, depending on which team drafts him. There are teams that are committed more to the run nowadays, allowing running backs to total solid fantasy numbers. Montgomery may not have a long shelf life in the NFL based in his usage in college football, but he has enough experience and ability to make an immediate impact.

Another bright spot is that he’ll have low value in the fantasy football draft, so you should be able to easily pick him up.

Justice Hill, Oklahoma State Cowboys

Hill is another running back who doesn’t really have that three-down vibe, but that’s hard to find anyway.

Hill is going to probably be a third-down running back, who can do damage out of the backfield. That isn’t terrible for a rookie running back, especially if he can average double-digit touches per game.

He’s not going to make an impact in the first two downs, at least not right away. However, he’s skilled enough as a receiver that he could make an immediate impact. Keep an eye on his movement from the spring to the summer, and see if he has the potential to sneak in for some playing time.

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