There are some rookies who will have value during the season in fantasy football. Flickr

After a year where we saw multiple rookie quarterbacks earn meaningful playing time, we’re entering an NFL draft that will come closer to the 2013 NFL draft class for quarterbacks, as opposed to what occurred last season.

Remember 2013?

E.J. Manuel was the lone quarterback taken in the first round, with Geno Smith being the second-highest drafted quarterback in the second round.

When Mike Glennon is by far the most accomplished quarterback from the draft, it was obviously a disaster.

Flash forward six years and we have another issue with quarterbacks. Kyler Murray is generating the most attention, but I just don’t see him being a consistently viable option. Had Baker Mayfield failed in his rookie season, would Murray garner this much attention?

His stock is based only on Mayfield’s success during his rookie campaign, which isn’t fair to Murray. Murray is a different quarterback, who benefited from the best offensive line in college football, to go along with better speed than Mayfield. Despite Murray’s accuracy in college, I still believe Mayfield is a more accurate passer, especially down the field.

And Murray lacks Mayfield’s most glaring strength — a fiery competitive spirit. Mayfield uses that competitiveness to prove the doubters wrong and win over teammates. Murray doesn’t have that ability, which will hinder his rise to the starting job.

With my doubts on Murray in fantasy football, who’s next?

Dwayne Haskins is likely an immediate back-up, who may get a shot, but it will be much later. He was accurate in college, but once again, he had superior talent around him, and only had one year of above-average production.

I’m surprised any of these quarterbacks are getting first-round love, especially with next year’s crop on the horizon.

However, if a GM was going to take a chance on a quarterback who may have some upside, I’d sick with Drew Lock. While Murray and Haskins have very little playing time under their belt, Lock has been at the helm for Missouri for four years.

His completion percentage improved every season for the Tigers. His yards per attempt went down his senior season, but he showed some improvement toward the end of his senior year. Lock has played in one of the most competitive conferences in terms of defensive pressure, so he shouldn’t has as much fear as other quarterbacks entering the NFL.

There are issues with Lock, but his talent ability is better than any prospect in this draft.

Depending on the fit, look for Lock to have an ability to make a mark in the 2019 fantasy football season.

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