Ricky Nolasco can offer a solid back-end start this week. Flickr
Ricky Nolasco can offer a solid back-end start this week. Flickr

Don’t get too antsy about your fantasy baseball lineup just yet.

My fantasy start has been atrocious personally, but as I’ve discovered in the past, fantasy baseball is more about attrition and staying active in roster development, than about knee-jerk reactions.

Take a new approach this week and find a back-end starter on the waiver wire. A little-owned pitcher from the Minnesota Twins should pack a punch this week for fantasy owners.

Ricky Nolasco is no stranger to the Major Leagues. He’s been in the league¬†since 2006, and while his stats haven’t been particularly good throughout his career, he’s managed to stay in the league thanks to being a decent four or five option for teams.

So far this season, Nolasco has been a pleasant surprise for the Twins. He owns a 3.21 ERA, the best of his career, in two starts, and is limiting hits and walks en route to a 1.000 WHIP.

He’s not going to keep this up, but he’s worth an add this week, as he faces a Milwaukee team struggling to hit the ball.

The Brewers are ranked 27th in MLB in batting average and have scored 39 runs, the 23rd-least in the Majors this season.

The Twins also are terrible with the bats, but they’re starting to find a little momentum after a sweep of the Los Angeles Angels this past week, scoring 14 runs in the three-game series.

Nolasco isn’t going to register a major amount of strikeouts, but he has lasted seven innings in both of his starts this season.

Nolasco could offer some help in the ERA, WHIP and wins category as he long as he keeps up his recent streak of quality outings.

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