The NFL draft is a week away, so let the fantasy football prep begin.

We don’t know where these players are landing, so that may make a difference. However, the talent is already apparent, making these three choices the best bets to make an immediate impact once the 2017 season begins.

Here’s three rookies who should garner attention no matter where they land on draft day.

Leonard Fournette, running back

I don’t care about the concerns surrounding Fournette’s weight in the offseason. He’s been the best prospect since he entered college and was a major producer in college football.

And he’ll be drafted high enough that he should go to a team that will use him right away. He’s built to withstand an NFL season and is one of those running backs who can make a quick transition to the pros.

Highly touted running backs have had high grades going into fantasy football seasons, but something tells me he won’t have the same projection that Ezekiel Elliott did last year, or even Melvin Gordon and Todd Gurley in the year before.

So you may not have to risk a first or second round pick to have Fournette, who could easily be an every down back by the end of the first month.

O.J. Howard, Tight End

This is a bit of a reach, but Howard is slated to possibly be a top-10 pick in next week’s NFL draft. He’s been said to be a “can’t miss” prospect, so his abilities shouldn’t hold him back right away.

And any team willing to risk a first-round pick on a tight end will likely use him in the early going. And they should use him a lot.

Howard was a beast in college and his game translates well in college. For tight ends, it’s all about the ability to garner targets. That shouldn’t be an issue for a team drafting him this high.

He’ll tally targets and should be a weapon inside the red zone. As long as his value isn’t too high entering the season, he could be the most productive rookie in comparison to position.

John Ross, wide receiver

Maybe I’m Al Davis, but I like speed out of my rookie wide receivers. That doesn’t always translate to career success, but it does open up the possibility of getting immediate playing time.

For some receivers, it takes awhile to get on the field. Even though I believe Mike Williams is the better long-term pro, he may not see much action right away. Ross is elite with his speed, so his team will get him on the field as much as possible in the early going to take the top off the defense.

That could lead to some inconsistent scoring, since his targets may not always be high, but his ability to score touchdowns and garner yards is the best out of the receivers in his rookie year.

You will get better value with Ross than the other top-tier rookie receivers so he should get your attention.

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