The experts and the public disagree often in fantasy football. Finding the right side of those arguments will help your fantasy team make strides toward the playoffs.

Here’s three fantasy football wide receivers that the experts are getting right, while the public is missing the mark.

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Tyreek Hill is being overvalued by the public and the experts. Flickr

Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs

ADP: 43rd overall; Rankings: 52nd overall

Even more glaring with Hill is that the public has him as the 19th best wide receiver, while experts are putting him outside the WR2 range at 25.

That’s a pretty big discrepancy for a wide receiver.

Hill’s value is unreasonably high among the public. He’s the classic boom or bust candidate in an offense not known for tallying big fantasy points for wide receivers.

Despite a late push last season with fantasy points, Hill went two of the final three regular season with zero yards receiving. And we’re supposed to believe he’s a WR2?

He does add a unique dimension in the running game, but he failed to reach double-digit targets in 14 of 16 games last season. He’s a touchdown-dependent option that won’t pay major dividends. The experts are right. He’s a boom or bust WR3 this season, and not a WR2.

Sammy Watkins, Los Angeles Rams

ADP: 53rd overall; Rankings: 48th overall

Once again, the lineup of where the public is putting Watkins in comparison with his fellow wide receivers is where they’re incorrect.

The public has Watkins outside the WR2 threshold, at 25th overall, while experts have him as 22. I’m in the camp that would put Watkins even higher than the 22 mark.

Watkins has a new home and is in the midst of a contract year. That has the makings of a breakout season. When healthy, Watkins is a dynamic weapon on the outside. Jared Goff has another year under his belt with a new coach — known for being a quarterback whisperer.

The Rams can’t possibly be as bad as last year on offense and have actually made some moves in the offseason to improve themselves. Watkins is the only wide receiver able to be a target monster, and he should garner that kind of attention from Goff.

Watkins will collect plenty of targets to be a high-end WR2 by season’s end.

Pierre Garcon, San Francisco 49ers

ADP: 96th overall; Rankings: 76th overall

The public and experts agree that Garcon is around the 35th-best wide receiver. However, they don’t agree on where to take him in the overall sense of the draft.

Garcon is another player where I’m valuing his worth more than the experts and the public. Garcon is the lone playmaker on this roster as a pass-catching threat. He has multiple 1,000-yard seasons and has a quarterback who isn’t as bad as the national narrative makes him out to be.

If you’re able to gobble up Garcon in the latter portion of the eighth round, you’re on the way to making noise in your fantasy league. Garcon will be the No. 1 target on a team likely to pass often. He can easily sneak into the WR2 category, despite a ranking at the bottom of the WR3’s.

He’s not getting the respect he deserves. Pick him up sooner than the eighth round to be sure you have him on your roster.

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