It’s never too early to start looking at the NFL season. And with that early look, there’s an opportunity to cash in on some early value in win totals.

Here’s a look at the early 2020 NFL expectations for the AFC South for the best chances to make some extra cash in 2020.

Houston Texans, 2020 Win Total — 8.5

Sometimes you just have to give it to oddsmakers. This number is spot on.

Barring major injuries, the Texans are going to be right around the eight-win mark. A few bounces that go the wrong way, and Houston may win seven games. If the bounces go the other direction, nine to 10 wins are a possibility.

The offense is good enough to carry the Texans for much of the season. The defense can’t be as bad as in 2019 when it finished last in yards per play allowed, so it’s easy to expect Houston to improve. However, I think the AFC South is going to be a bit better, along with the AFC in general.

I’m going with the Colts and Titans to be the class of the division, so that leaves the Texans with eight or fewer wins. — Go Under with Houston

T.Y. Hilton is usually a good bet, but should be avoided as one of the week 8 wide receivers to start. Flickr

Indianapolis Colts, 2020 Win Total — 7.5

Oddsmakers are once again on top of the Colts, at least in the juice for which way the majority of prognosticators are going to pick.

To go under 7.5 wins, the value is at +110. The over is set at -140, meaning that oddsmakers know that the betting public is going to push for the Colts. And that’s where I’m going.

Indianapolis has a solid offensive line, creating a stable running game. Combine that with an extra year to prepare after Andrew Luck left, means that the Colts should be in better shape on offense. The is good enough to keep them afloat and having one of the better coaching staffs in the AFC helps the Colts in this case. — Go Over with Indianpolis

Jacksonville Jaguars, 2020 Win Total — 6.5

Oddsmakers have done a good job with the AFC South. This number is about right where I’d put the Jaguars.

Can the defense bounce back? Will not firing the head coach be detrimental? Who is going to start at quarterback?

There are too many questions heading into 2020 for Jacksonville to reach the over in this case. Once 2018 finished, I was adamant the Titans would regress. Then, they fired their head coach, and I pulled back on that earlier assessment.

In this case, I have the opposite reaction. I believe Doug Marrone has lost that lockerroom, and it won’t take long in 2020 to figure out the Jaguars need a different direction. Nothing excites me about the Jaguars. This team feels like a 5-11 or 6-10 team. — Go Under with Jacksonville

Tennessee Titans, 2020 Win Total — 8.5

Once again, kudos to oddsmakers. The Titans, much like the Texans, are built like an eight-win team. In Tennessee’s case, though, I like the defense and coaching staff better than Houston’s, so I’ll give the Titans the benefit of the doubt for the over.

I’m going against the grain a bit on this, with oddsmakers setting the value at +100 to go over the 8.5 wins. Ryan Tannehill is better than he was in Miami and with the running game that Tennessee employs, this team is going to easily be in play for at least eight wins.

I’ll give them one more, so look for the Titans to 9-7, riding a solid defense and great offensive line play. — Go Over with Tennessee 

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