We’re fresh off Kansas City’s Super Bowl victory, and already, oddsmakers are tabbing the Chiefs as back-to-back Super Bowl champions.

The Chiefs are going off at +600 to win next year’s Super Bowl victory, edging the Baltimore Ravens at +800. It’s natural to believe next year will play out the same as this year, especially with San Francisco owning the third-best odds, but that would be a mistake.

The NFL is a revolving door for teams at the top. Other than New England, it’s difficult to find a consistent Super Bowl contender for the last decade. Pittsburgh always had to go through New England and the NFC has been up and down to say the least.

Of those three teams, it makes more sense to back Kansas City, based on Patrick Mahomes being under center. But I’ve seen other quarterback-led teams fizzle out in the playoffs before, so here’s three of favorite Super Bowl favorites heading into next season.

Dallas Cowboys, +1800

On paper, the Cowboys could have been considered the best overall team in the NFL in 2019. The offense racked up the most yards per play of any team in the league, and the defense was a top-10 unit against yards per play.

Now, the Cowboys should have an upgrade at the head coaching position, where they can score more touchdowns this season, and not just settle for yards. Last year, the Cowboys were consistently bad with field goals and not getting into in the endzone.

The Cowboys are full of young talent that should once against be one of the better teams in the NFL. Mix in some better bounces this season, this team is built to win games and be a threat in the NFC.

Matt Ryan should lead the Falcons to a straight-up win in the week 9 NFL picks. Flickr/Keith Allison/http://bit.ly/1OmpAqE

Atlanta Falcons, +2500

I was a little off about the Falcons in 2019…for the most part. I was big on the Falcons, only to see them completely stumble out of the gate. However, the Falcons came back strong in the latter part of the season and were a tough out against any team, including winning on the road against San Francisco.

The defense should be more like the unit we saw in the last part of 2019 and the offense can consistently move the ball.

Keep an eye on the Falcons flying under the radar heading into 2020.

Indianapolis Colts, +3300

If I’m going to go off-the-wall a bit, I’ll take an early glimpse at the Colts.

Consider if Tom Brady went to Indianapolis, then this gets a lot more attractive. The offensive line is built to win now and the defense can hold up against several units in the NFL. This is a team that won on the road against Kansas City, because it can run the football and make timely stops.

The Colts have some weaknesses obviously, but there are enough pieces there that this longshot could be a 10-game winner in 2020.

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