There’s not much that needs to be discussed about the top-two teams heading into week 2 of the NFL season.

But don’t get too confident.

The early weeks of the season can be difficult, with teams coming out of nowhere to compete (i.e. Buffalo last year in week 3 against Minnesota).

I don’t believe another Buffalo will happen this week, but don’t be shocked if there are a few surprises. Here’s my favorite week 2 Survivor Pool picks.

Don’t miss out on the Baltimore Ravens in the week 15 NFL picks for underdogs. Flickr/Keith Allison

Best Bet

Baltimore Ravens

I’m hedging my bets on the Ravens. I’m a sucker for home teams in the Survivor Pool, so that puts the Ravens ahead of New England and Kansas City in week 2.

And I did like the Ravens did with not only its passing game, but its defense. That defense was dominant throughout, even with a huge lead early. It’s tough for defenses to maintain that level of excellence with such a big lead, so that is what has me bullish on Baltimore’s potential.

And let’s face it. This is Kyler Murray’s first road game in the NFL against one the of best defenses in the NFL. It’s not going to end well.

There are a few choices, but I’d stick with the Ravens.

Sleeper Pick

Houston Texans

The Jacksonville Jaguars appear to be a mess. Nick Foles is out. The defense looked like it has taken multiple steps back. And now the Jaguars must go on the road in a divisional matchup.

This doesn’t look good.

Houston has a good enough offense to move the ball regularly against Jacksonville. And I’m not sure the Jaguars can keep up without its starting quarterback.

If Jacksonville’s defense isn’t elite (and it doesn’t appear so), I worry about its ability to win, especially on the road.

Be Careful

New England Patriots

Do I think New England is going to lose? No. Do I think picking against Miami may be the new Cleveland Browns strategy? Yes.

However, the Patriots are regularly horrible at Miami, even when the Dolphins are atrocious. And no matter how bad the Dolphins were in week 1, they can’t possibly be that bad.

New England is coming off a Sunday night game with a lot of emotion. They also are witnessing the Antonio Brown drama up close and personal now. The Patriots are huge favorites, but with this being in a place that the Patriots haven’t done well, I’m not willing to risk my Survivor Pool life on this one.

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