It’s been a tough two weeks for the Chalk. The anti-Miami pick wasn’t available in week 5, giving way to some difficult decisions.

If you hadn’t taken the Patriots or Eagles previously, then those would have been the best picks in week 5. Unfortunately, I had already taken them, so I went with the Chargers and failed. So it’s time to get back on track.

Here’s the best week 6 NFL Survivor Pool picks.

Teams Used: Philadelphia, Baltimore, New England, Indianapolis (lost), Los Angeles Chargers (lost)

Ezekiel Elliott should be labeled as the No. 2 option in round 1 draft strategy. Keith Allison/Flickr

Best Bet

Dallas Cowboys

Don’t worry about the Cowboys. Oddsmakers seem to be downplaying Dallas because of their performance in recent weeks, but I’m still giving them a shot in week 6.

The New York Jets are terrible. Even with Sam Darnold coming back to this lineup, it doesn’t matter. Darnold was terrible in week 1 against Buffalo before he had to be out starting in week 2 because of mono.

There aren’t enough weapons on this Jets roster and the offensive line isn’t good enough to move the ball consistently. Dallas has the No. 1 offense in the NFL. New York has the worst.

The Cowboys have a top-10 defense. The Jets do not.

Injuries have been troublesome for the Jets so far this year on defense, which won’t help against a Cowboys offense that is the best in the NFL.

Sleeper Pick

Washington Redskins

Washington isn’t very good. But Miami is legendarily bad.

For how bad Washington has been on offense, the Dolphins have been worse. And defensively, they’re not even close.

I get that Miami is hosting this game, but this shouldn’t be close. The Redskins have a major advantage on the defensive side of the ball. Both offenses are comparable, but I’ll give the edge to Washington, based on the better defense.

It will be difficult for the Dolphins to win a game this year, so don’t worry about how bad Washington has been so far this season.

Be Careful

Baltimore Ravens

There’s something wrong about the Ravens. Maybe this is the Baltimore team we should have expected this season. Or maybe teams have caught up to this offense.

Baltimore was all the rage in the early going this year, with an offense that seemed unstoppable. The running game was punishing, while Lamar Jackson looked to be among the better quarterbacks in the NFL.

However, in recent weeks, that offense that was among the best in the NFL has taken a step back. And the defense is ranked second-worst in the NFL in yards per play allowed. Baltimore has shown some weaknesses in recent weeks, so I’m not completely buying them against Cincinnati.

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