The Survivor Pool hasn’t been a great place for me in recent weeks. If New England hasn’t been available, it’s been a tough one to navigate, especially with Miami being recently on a bye week and playing Washington last week.

With week 7 on the horizon, it’s nice that Miami is back to facing teams that are much better.

Don’t give up yet on the Bills in the week 12 NFL Survivor pool. Flickr/Erik Drost

Best Bet

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo is a solid team. Not many people believe that, but the Bills should be considered one of the best teams in the AFC. The defense is a top-three unit and the offense is much improved from previous years.

Josh Allen isn’t great, but he’s better than what people are giving him credit for. He’s been able to avoid major turnovers (other than the New England game) and he’s been able to move the ball on a consistent basis.

And to make matters better for the Bills is that Miami is atrocious. The Dolphins have the worst defense to go with a bottom three offense. Don’t overthink this one and go against the Dolphins.

Sleeper Pick

New York Giants

There is a rare chance that the New York Giants will be on the Survivor Pool radar.

And with the weeks disappearing, it may be time to grab the Giants in the Survivor Pool, especially considering the opponent. Arizona has been better in recent weeks, but let’s not be fooled. The Cardinals are still among the bottom-tier teams, along with the Giants.

The offenses and defenses are similar, but in this case, I get the Giants at home, with the Cardinals having to travel from West to East. I like my chances with that in a situation where the Giants are not going to be in play for the Survivor Pool often in 2019.

Be Careful

Indianapolis Colts

It may be tempting to believe in the Colts this week. The Texans are coming off a major victory on the road and must go back on the road against the Colts. Houston hasn’t been a reliable team in recent years with being a consistent winner.

And the Colts have been on some hard times this year.

But I’m not buying it. The Colts can run the ball and proved that it could compete with the upper-echelon when they beat the Chiefs. There have been some question marks for the Colts, but this game comes down to which offensive line I believe in more. And that belongs to the Colts.

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