With a mid-week waiver wire, some pitchers can provide three starts during the next week and a half.

This can be problematic, especially if that pitcher turns in three awful performances. However, this could bolster your staff with three starts in the time most pitchers will only see the mound twice. If fantasy owners play their cards right, and also attempt to find a pitcher with two starts next week, that could amount to two more starts than their opponent for the next week and a half.

If your league goes with a mid-week waiver wire, take a look at Houston Astros pitcher Scott Feldman. He’s slated to start Thursday against Seattle. It’s not great that he’s squaring off against Seattle, but the Mariners are on the road for the first game in a four-game set, and going with James Paxton. Paxton is 0-2 with a 6.89 ERA, so it’s highly likely that the Astros offense can tee off on the Mariners’ lefty.

If the pitching rotation stays consistent, Feldman should pitch May 5 and 10, giving fantasy owners two starts next week, in addition to Thursday’s spot on the mound. Next week, Feldman will square off¬†against the Texas Rangers at home and at the Las Angeles Angels. With two games at home, Feldman has a good shot at catching the offenses off guard, and should put up solid numbers.

He enters these next three games with a 4.81 ERA and 14 strikeouts. Don’t let the high ERA fool you, though. In three of four games, he’s allowed six¬†earned runs. The problem was the fourth start, where he allowed seven earned runs against Oakland on April 13.

If your in need of a quick pitching fix, consider Feldman for the next week and a half.

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