It’s the final week for the Survivor Pool and we’ve pretty much used up the best bets in the NFL. So if you’re still in the Survivor Pool, congratulations…now you have to get creative.

This week, we’re going with a team that we’ve slept on for pretty much the entire second half of the season, which has been to our detriment. Here’s our best bet and sleeper choice for week 17 of the NFL season for the Survivor Pool.

DeAndre Hopkins has the Texans rolling this season. Flickr/
DeAndre Hopkins has the Texans rolling this season. Flickr/

Best Bet

Houston Texans

We’ve been slow to the Houston comeback party. We watched the Texans get demolished for the first part of the season, and unfortunately, that formulated our season-long perception.

Lately, the Texans have haven’t been bad, despite not having a quarterback. We’re not going to go overboard, since the Texans have pretty much beat up on some of the worst teams in the NFL. Since getting waxed against Miami on Oct. 25, the Texans are 6-2 straight up. Their wins have come against only two two teams with winning records.

Luckily for people betting on the Texans this week, they’re playing another team under .500.

We’re not sure what has happened to Jacksonville’s defense, but it has disappeared as of late. Since beating Tennessee on Nov. 19 and putting themselves in the AFC South title picture, the Jaguars have taken a giant step backward.

Jacksonville is 1-4 since that time, and has allowed more than 30 points in three of the four losses. The defense has been unable to stop the pass or the run, so despite the offensive struggles currently happening in Houston, we’re not too concerned with Houston’s ability to move the chains.

The Texans will use steady pressure on defense to control the Jaguars and this one likely won’t be too close. Go with the Texans this week.

Get the Falcons on your radar this week. Flickr/Keith Allison/
Get the Falcons on your radar this week. Flickr/Keith Allison/

Sleeper Pick

Atlanta Falcons

There is some pulse still left in Atlanta.

We were beginning to wonder if the Falcons would ever get back to the winning ways during a six-game losing streak, but in the last two weeks, the Falcons have shown why they won so many games in the beginning of the season.

We were confident in the Falcons last week to cover against Carolina, based on Atlanta’s talent at its skill positions. If Atlanta is playing with some confidence, it is a dangerous NFL team. Without confidence, it can go on a multi-game losing streak.

We like the Falcons to keep the winning ways going this week against the New Orleans Saints. There’s not many teams as up and down as the Saints, so we’re thinking the season’s final game is a good time for the Saints to revert to their bad ways.

Last week, New Orleans lit up the scoreboard against Jacksonville. This week, it should experience far more resistance against the Falcons, which held Cam Newton and Blake Bortles in check during the last two weeks. In case you failed to use the Falcons earlier in the season, they might be a solid Survivor pool pick.

The over/under of the Washington Redskins was 6.5 wins. Flickr/ Glorioso
The over/under of the Washington Redskins was 6.5 wins. Flickr/ Glorioso

Be careful

Washington Redskins

On paper, this should be a no-brainer.

The Redskins are looking to avenge an earlier season loss to the Cowboys. Dallas is done…and has been for awhile. And Washington is a much better team.

But, as with several teams this week, we’re not sure if they’re going with backups or not. Washington is the No. 4 seed and nothing it does Sunday will affect that seeding. That makes us believe it may sit several starters and pretty much give this week’s game away.

With that being said, we’re not sure if Dallas can even beat the Redskins’ backups. Let’s face it…the Cowboys are playing mostly backups at this point, too.

Because of the uncertainty, we’re skipping the Redskins…and if you’re really daring, the Cowboys, too.

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